Meet Our Staff and Read Reviews

Ann Lapierre
Broker | REALTOR | Owner (Sanford)

207-608-8877 (Direct), 207-651-7654 (M)

Steve Cabana
Assoc. Broker | REALTOR | Owner (Sanford)

207-608-8879 (Direct), 207-651-2125 (M)

Tammy L. Baker
Broker | REALTOR (Acton)

207-477-3002 (Direct), 207-590-3402 (M)

Denise Bond
Broker | REALTOR (Acton)

207-477-3009 (Direct), 207-432-2181 (M)

Doug Bond
Assoc. Broker | REALTOR (Acton)

207-477-3009 (Direct), 207-432-2191 (M)

Jane Carmichael
Broker | REALTOR (Acton)

207-477-3003 (Direct), 207-459-4849 (M)

Jimmie Chaisson
Sales Agent | REALTOR (Acton)

207-477-3006 (Direct), 207-651-2270 (M)

Martha Cote
Broker | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8883 (Direct), 207-432-0332 (M)

Arline Fortier
Broker | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8880 (Direct), 207-324-2860 (O)

Al & Karen Hebb
Assoc. Brokers | REALTORS (Sanford)

207-608-8884 (Direct), 207-651-5356 (M)

Rebecca Lapierre
Assoc. Broker | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8881 (Direct), 207-651-4529 (M)

Carol Levesque
Broker | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8887 (Direct), 207-651-7007 (M)

Paula Peters
Broker | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8882 (Direct), 207-281-2540 (M)

Brian Toth
Assoc. Broker | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8889 (Direct), 207-432-6198 (M)

Nancy Wakefield
Broker | REALTOR (Acton)

207-477-3001 (Direct), 207-651-3716 (M)

Tina White
Sales Agent | REALTOR (Sanford)

207-608-8945 (Direct), 207-289-4347 (M)


About Us

Established in March 2005, Town Square Realty Group is located in the Townhouse Building in downtown Sanford.  In 2017, we opened a branch office in Acton located in the heart of the southern Maine lakes region.  Town Square Realty Group is owned and operated by lifelong Sanford residents Ann & Jim Lapierre, and Steve Cabana.

Being a part of this community all our lives, we began this endeavor with two simple goals in mind. First and foremost, we wanted to incorporate the values and beliefs we were raised with – respect, honesty, fairness, and hard work. Second, promote community involvement and support.

We hope to continue the tradition of many other local businesses and make a positive impact on Sanford/Springvale and York County’s future.